The Nerdery - Overnight Website Challenge

Twin Cities 2015, May 2-3

Face to Face Health & Counseling Service

Last year, Face to Face served 3,348 homeless and other at risk youth and young adults ages 11-23 and made over 3,000 more contacts with youth through outreach and health education in the East Metro.

The mission of the agency is: Empowering youth to overcome barriers and strive toward healthy and self-sufficient lives.

Our mission is accomplished by:

-Increasing access for low income youth and families to integrated mental health, medical, health education, and case management services;

-Providing a drop-in resource center, outreach, and a transitional living program for homeless, runaway, and at-risk youth.

Face to Face has developed four major program areas serving teens and young adults:

-Our Adolescent Health Clinic provides general medical, prenatal, reproductive, and preventive care regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

-Mental Health services include individual and family counseling, outpatient and in-home services, and flexible walk-in services.

-Homeless Youth Programs include SafeZone drop-in resource center for homeless youth in downtown Saint Paul, the scattered site Transitional Living Program, and Outreach. SafeZone is the only drop-in center for youth experiencing homelessness in Ramsey County, providing a wide range of basic needs and supportive services designed to promote stability and self-sufficiency among homeless and unstably housed youth ages 14-21.

-Health Education provides risk reduction education, outreach and counseling at the clinic, SafeZone and community sites.

What new functionality we are looking for

Our website should be for young people as much or more as it is for potential donors, volunteers, supporters and other community members. Our current website is geared more towards the latter audiences. We believe our website needs to be designed to a greater degree with the young people we serve in mind, both in terms of functionality and design. We want it to be a resource for them, a place where they can quickly find real time information about services available. This will be helpful to the youth we serve, and a timesaver for staff who spend time fielding questions over the phone.

Specific functions we would like to include:

Mobile friendly – The majority of the youth we serve, and increasingly other stakeholders as well, access the internet from their phones. Improving mobile accessibility make the information on the website more accessible to all key constituencies, especially youth. It would also make it easier for donors to contribute online.

Search option—Face to Face provides a wide array of services over two sites. Youth need to be able to quickly search by site or service based on their needs to learn what services are available when at which site.

More social media integration/social media feed on the home page—Face to Face serves a social-media savvy demographic. Interactivity with social media is critical to our ability to effectively communicate with youth as well as community supporters and those that don’t know about us yet.

More visible and clear listings of hours, phone #s, addresses—Because we have two locations and a number of different programs with different open hours, we need this basic information to be easier to find and more clear to youth.

Ability to easily update content including uploading video—It is currently very difficult for us to make updates to our website internally, even very minor content edits. A website with a more user-friendly content management system would save significant expense and be easier to keep up to date with more useful and timely content.

Clean, organized menu—Important for all website users to navigate with ease. We think picture links might also ease navigation, especially with youth in mind.

Link to patient portal—As a health clinic that has implemented an electronic health record system, we plan to implement an online patient portal.

How the new functionality will help

A new, “youth-friendlier” website with these features will first and foremost increase the usefulness and attractiveness of the website to young people and allow them to more easily access information about Face to Face that they can use to get help and services.

Face to Face has limited funds for communications and other administrative functions. A website that is easier for us to keep up to date ourselves without outside help will mean more resources for other needs.

The added functionality will also make our website a better tool for informing and communicating with donors and potential donors, volunteers, and other community members. Increasing awareness of the agency in the community and keeping our supporters informed of what is going on at Face to Face is critical to our ability to achieve our mission.

How our organization will use the technology

Who will use the technology

57 Messages from Supporters

2015-03-24 19:32:18 UTC

Face to Face is the only clinic in the metro that offers these 3 elements combined: 1) adolescent-only 2)prenatal care 3)case management for all pregnant clients. Young women facing (unplanned/planned) pregnancy can get support and services from a case manager while accessing care in a clinic where they feel comfortable.

2015-03-24 21:53:54 UTC
F2F Therapist

Face to Face serves a large population of LGBTQ clients, and we offer 1 of only 2 LGBTQ support groups for youth in the Twin Cities. I get weekly calls by parents or teens seeking support and resources, and it would be AMAZING to connect them to some of those via our web page. As someone who does walk-ins and intakes here, I also am acutely aware of the need for sliding fee therapy services for people under 18 - there are very few, if any, other clinics who offer as affordable therapy appointments as we do($10; nobody is turned away). Many clients are under-insured or have no insurance, so this access is critical to their being able to seek support.

2015-03-25 19:12:19 UTC
F2F Therapist

Our website needs to be as cool as the youth we serve. Many are homeless and couch hopping. They need a means to co-ordinate with us that is as mobile as their lives. Often, their cell phone service is interrupted due to financial constraints. This is another stressor, in an already stressful life. For many youth, their phone is their life line... their home address.

A website that is youth user informative, interactive, accessible 24/7 and user friendly would seem to be a top priority... but have you heard the word "funding"? With our limited resources and personal talents/ability we have attempted to patch together a website. But, look at it... it is pretty rudimentary.

I primarily work with parenting and pregnant youth. Often they are caught off guard by this life event and feel overwhelmed. Ready access to support via an interactive, information based, user friendly would help youth and families navigate this journey while decreasing daily stress and conflict.

It is heart breakingly difficult to say "Good-bye till next week" to a pregnant homeless youth who is struggling to manage daily anxious and depressive symptoms due multiple life stressors. An on-line community would be a means to connect these vulnerable young adults to a 24 hour support system.

2015-03-26 22:19:29 UTC
Face to Face Staff

We don't turn anyone away because they can't pay.

2015-03-30 15:54:55 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

"I come here to find better opportunities to get ahead in life and improve my situation."

Suggested changes to website/social media pages:
"More detailed description of what goes on--updates about what's going on in SafeZone as in jobs, housing and other programs"

2015-03-30 15:57:05 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:


"Staff is helpful and friendly."


"That it's a good place to get help on important thing in your life and the staff is really friendly."

2015-03-30 15:59:53 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:


"1. Education
2. get tested
3. online job apps
4. see case manager
5. get help from therapist"

2015-03-30 16:02:09 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:


"Because they provide resources I rely on such as bus tokens, computers, and a telephone if needed."

2015-03-30 16:14:16 UTC
Dana - staff

It is hard to find a youth agency that provides such a comprehensive range of services--but the thing I hear over and over again that makes me so proud to work here is to hear young people talk about the difference it made in their lives to have a place to go to talk with someone that they know really cares about them. Too many young people don't have someone like that in their lives, and they get it here.

2015-03-30 17:42:14 UTC
Sarah Erickson, donor and former Board member

Face to Face makes a substantial positive difference in the lives of numerous youth who are experiencing homelessness or otherwise at risk. The success stories I've witnessed and learned about are a testament to the resiliency of the youth but also the huge impact that Face to Face had made. Having a better website, particularly with functionality and design more geared to the youth that Face to Face serves, can only broaden and deepen Face to Face's reach in serving young people who need the vital support provided by Face to Face.

2015-03-30 15:58:57 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:


"To get support for transportation and housing."

2015-03-30 16:05:40 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:


"I believe one thing that should be included are the stories of others who come down to safe zone because it might show them that they are not the only one with struggles."

"Also links to other websites to help people better themselves..."

2015-03-30 18:41:24 UTC
Tish Bolger

I have been involved with F2F for several years. I am proud and privledged to be a donor to F2F. As a professional I have utilized the expertice of F2F to refer clients and also to gain a better understanding of the community and the needs of youth. I also have had members of my family access F2F. The services F2F provides is vital and robust and our community and youth are better for all that F2F contributes!

2015-03-30 16:01:03 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:


"I come to SafeZone for the purpose of job searching, looking for housing, and just a little time to relax. I also come down to safezone because it's a place that I feel excepted for who I am. The staff also provides me moral support when I need it."

2015-03-30 16:02:59 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:


It's a nice way to get out of the house as well as getting help with education and being able to talk to people about stuff I normally don't talk about."

2015-03-30 16:07:22 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:


"To better myself and my future. Coming to Safezone has helped me in so many ways like getting a job and keeping my apartment. If you ever want to make life better or change come to Safezone. The caseworkers are really good with helping and support. The counselors are good too"

2015-03-30 18:42:23 UTC
Darius Husain/ Charter School Executive Director

Face to Face Academy is a Charter School serving the most at-risk for dropping out of High School. It has been a partner organization with Health and Counseling for over 16 years. Face to Face Health & Counseling provides essentials services for our students: medical needs, prenatal case management, counseling, and homeless youth support. You do not often think about a Youth Health Organization being a part of student drop out prevention. Yet, without the assistance of Health & Counseling and Safe Zone, many of our students would be facing insurmountable obstacles in achieving their goal of becoming a high school graduate. For 15 years, I have had the privilege of personally watching the fine staff at Face to Face Health and Counseling connect with youth in ways only they can and promote positive change in the lives of their clients.

2015-03-30 19:22:02 UTC
Rita J Garcia

Face-to-Face is a service that is provided for those young people whose lives we are unaware of. Having grown up in a home of domestic violence with siblings who had no place to go - Face-to-Fce would hve been a solution for us as it is today for so many.

Not all young people how someone in their lives that can help them find their way. Face-to-Face does that and more. Your contribution to Face-to-Face is a contribution to the young people of Minnesota.

2015-03-31 00:06:49 UTC
Roger Green

Face to Face is an incredible resource both for our area's youth and their families. From medical needs to mental health to homeless support to academic support - no one does it better or more comprehensively. An improved web presence will help increase awareness, improve educational content and provide more transactional capabilities, making it possible to support even more of our area's disadvantagd!

2015-03-31 01:22:36 UTC
Victor Ruiz volunteer

Face to Face definitely needs a new website! I have worked on creating 2 videos that showcase the youth and staff have been so impressed by the relationships the staff and youth have with each other and by the number of services offered, in some ways its like a family. I am not impressed with the website. The current website doesn't even begin to reflect the awesomeness of the agency. And it looks like it was made 10 years ago and needs a severe update

2015-03-31 01:23:33 UTC
Mrs Hillman, mother of therapist

Face to Face needs a new website because when my friends wanted to donate they get confused as to how to do it

2015-03-30 22:45:07 UTC
Nurse Practitoner SZ/F2F

F2F and SZ are one stop shops to help with whatever the issue is you walk throught the door with. Never have I worked with such an extroidinary, energetic, accepting, compassionate staff whose main purpose is to help clients who come searching for any type of help.

Need some help figuring out how to get your GED/enroll at college/reenroll at high school--DONE!--with wonderful education staff from SPPS at SZ

Not sure who to talk with about life issues/partner issues/parenting small children--DONE--by awesome therapists who help wherever help is needed most--in home or in clinic or SZ.

Need a little help with a job/housing/how to do interview/bus schedules/emotional support and unconditional acceptance/care/kindness--DONE--by the heroic and most awesome case managers at SZ

Hungry and need some food/cold and need warm safe place to rest your weary head/need a warm shower--DONE--at SZ where 2 meals/day are served and plenty of heat and couches and chairs to snooze in and warm showers

Need help as you parent those little toddler and infants--DONE--by super CONNECT staff who work with pregnant and parenting teens/young adults--helping to ensure safe housing/food/clothing for children

Not sure how your body works/need some help figuring out how that birth control really works/need some advice on how to stay healthy and not get STIs--DONE--at SZ and F2F with the Healtheducators who are ready to spread the good word about staying safe.

Need some birth control, someone to check out the rash, someone to let you know that cold is only a cold or asthma or pneumonia or you need meds you can't afford--DONE--by the uber intelligent and kind medical staff at SZ and F2F

With the super staff and services at SZ and F2F, we want to scream from the tallest building in St Paul--WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

However, in these days of high tech phones and internet--an up to date cool appealing web site may be less annoying then a town crier.

Most of our clients have internet access on cell phones-- to have an outstanding web site with all the incredible ways to find help at SZ/F2F would be a fine way to help youth/young adults in our community.

Please help us make the coolest web site and increase the number of youth/young adults we can reach and help!

2015-03-31 01:18:31 UTC
Safezone therapist

It would be so lovely and amazing to have a website that would be actually useful for our clients. We need to have a website that would reach potential clients and actually reflect how great we are!Our clients are super great, our staff is great and our services are great and so we need a great website!.

2015-03-31 02:30:55 UTC
Pixie Peterson, Volunteer

I truly enjoy doing what I can to make life more enjoyable for the kids. To be so young and saddled with the issues they face daily is no picnic. Face2Face provides the services and support needed for them to become healthy, educated, and responsible adults. Knowing that they are cared about is critical to their success - and Face2Face does that.

A new website would definitely be an asset to the Agency and the people it serves.

2015-03-31 18:48:27 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

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1111111111111 1111111111111

2015-03-31 19:35:07 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:


2015-03-31 19:10:00 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

"It helps you know what you got and what's wrong with your body. Face 2 Face really Helps!!!"

2015-03-31 19:17:28 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

"I go to school next door."

2015-03-31 19:18:05 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

"The employees are helpful and nice."

2015-03-31 19:19:13 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

"Always cheerful"

2015-03-31 19:20:25 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

"They are always willing to help."

2015-03-31 18:56:17 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:


2015-03-31 19:08:57 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

"good staff, low cost"

2015-03-31 19:13:54 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client: Jeffrey Sade, Maggie

I choose Face to Face because:

"The snacks"

2015-03-31 19:16:28 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

"I'm transgender and it's a good place for support. If you're a part of the community and need support, I invite you."

~Hunter Anderson

2015-03-31 19:18:43 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

"The people that work here are amazing!"

2015-03-31 19:25:02 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

"Everyone here is always very helpful. I love Face to Face. I wouldn't pick any other clinic."

2015-03-31 19:33:54 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:


2015-03-31 19:05:36 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

"They're very helpful...I like the nurses, they are helpful and supportive."

2015-03-31 19:06:21 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

"Insurance is EXPENSIVE"

2015-03-31 19:07:36 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

"I love your Staff"

2015-03-31 19:11:05 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client: Tika Buckhanan

I choose Face to Face because:

"It's a Youth Clinic and the Doctors/Nurse are AWESOME"

2015-03-31 19:12:01 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

"I'm very comfortable with the doctors...One of the best clinic to choose from!"

2015-03-31 19:24:07 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

"The staff here are great. Not only are they happy and cheerful but they are also pretty quick, they get you in and out. I also enjoy Face to Face because they allow walk-ins, great part about that is you don't have a long wait. Great place to come. If you don't believe me, try it yourself."

~Latonja R.

2015-03-31 19:26:11 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

"They are family oriented and show each person great care as if we are the only one that's here."

2015-03-31 19:26:44 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

"The staffs are AWESOME"

2015-03-31 19:27:42 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

"They help me when I'm going through things. So far the quickest Clinic!"

2015-03-31 19:30:00 UTC
From a F2F/SafeZone client:

I choose Face to Face because:

"It's a great community and has had polite respectful staff since I have attended. It's safe, private, and I leave with a smile every time I visit. Thanks Face to Face."

~Pauline Robert

2015-03-31 20:35:10 UTC
Mary Dougherty

Too many kids face homelessness and fortunately there are safe places like Face to Face--to warm up, wash cloths or take a shower, get health screening and homework help. The case managers make the difference in large and small ways. The clinic provides mental and health care and has walk in appointments. Young people need to know that there are caring adults willing, ready and able to help them through rough times in their lives.

2015-03-31 20:35:28 UTC
Toley F2F/SafeZone client


I personally come here for help and stability in my life, help with housing, jobs, education, tokens, information about resources, and mentally stable. The caseworkers are very helpful, finding information on what you need. YOu can get help done here with you what you need, health, someone to talk to, basically everything we need we can come down here and get it!


more information about overnight shelters, crisis stuff, job links, parenting stuff

2015-03-31 20:35:38 UTC
Face to Face Staff

As a staff member of Face to Face I am always amazed at the resilience of the youth who utilize our services. Many of the youth coming to the clinic for prenatal care are experiencing homelessness, unemployment, educational barriers, a lack of family support, and pregnancy. The youth are given a platform at Face to Face where their voices are heard and their opinions matter. Adults(staff) take time to listen,build relationship with youth, and provide opportunities for individual growth. Young parents can feel safe to share their life stories and dream about a future for their child.

2015-03-31 20:36:43 UTC
safezone client

staff is nice and make you feel better

2015-03-31 22:33:08 UTC

Age 21
Eldest daughter
Unplanned pregnancy
Culturally unexceptionable!
Cohesive family
Big community gatherings
Unplanned pregnancy
Lots of anxiety
Hard Working
Unplanned pregnancy
Fend for yourself!
Body Changing
Life Changing
Unplanned pregnancy
Mixed Feelings!

Face to Face helps

2015-03-31 23:54:18 UTC
Hope Jensen

Face to Face does wonderful, much needed work with youth and deserves a new website! I can easily become very emotional about the work they do. As a former board member, I know the dedication of the staff and volunteers as well as the promise of the young people they serve. I was once a homeless pregnant teen and really struggled; eventually ending up in a battered women's shelter with my three year old daughter. I survived without health insurance until my daughter was 5; but the worst part of my journey was having no where to go to find a friendly face or someone who would not shame me for my circumstance. When I last toured Face to Face and Safe Zone my heart just swelled with emotion as I saw the facility improvements that have been made since I was on the board. The young people I met were sadly facing the same challenges that I once knew, but they had their heads up and a place to go for help. Face to Face takes a whole life approach with the services they provide, and they serve all youth without discrimination. Face to Face is a great organization and truly deserves a new website.

2015-04-01 12:22:48 UTC

I go to the clinic and it was hard finding things on the web site. I think it is for adults and not kids. I love Face to Face and it would be good if I could find information to help me and my friends. Thank You

2015-04-01 12:33:20 UTC
Clinic Provider Face to Face

Our system platform is old and has been difficult to add things to or to make changes that are short notice. Often we have to pay for changes and it would be great if we could do it ourselves . We are a nonprofit serving this community for over 40 years and provide a great service to the youth in this city. When we started a web site the focus was limited and now the way we all communicate has changed. Being able to have a web site that is user friendly and addresses the whole agency and kids needs would be great for us and our youth. Many kids use their phones to access the web.

2015-04-01 23:33:04 UTC
Larry Talapa

There is no other clinic like Face-To-Face, it is an extremely valuable resource for two large cities St. Paul and Minneapolis MN and Western WI country side! I donate my time as a volunteer and I donate all of my United Contributions directly to Face-to-Face. Face-to-Face serves several very important societal at-high risk youth populations. I feel most importantly the young single mothers that have little to no resources and families that have turned them away. As we all know, all youth today have access to the internet, they live on the internet, and thrive on the internet. An updated Face-to-Face website will help provide access and resources to even more youth that just need a little more support to get them on their way to a happy, successful, and productive life ! Please considered and grant Face-to-Face in your final decision. Very truly, Larry

Our Mission

Since its beginnings, Face to Face has focused on serving youth and young adults who are facing challenges to their healthy development such as lack of a stable home, poverty, teen pregnancy, or abuse. Our mission focuses on providing the access to information and services that empower youth to make informed decisions about their lives and thrive. Our community youth clinic on the East Side of Saint Paul started in 1972 as a walk-in crisis counseling and reproductive health clinic and now provides a full range of medical, prenatal, and mental health care. In 1994, Face to Face started SafeZone drop-in center in response to the need to connect with youth experiencing homelessness and provide a safe, accessible place for them to get off the streets. The goal of the SafeZone program is twofold: (1) Meet homeless youths’ immediate needs for safety and basic needs and (2) Promote stability through addressing barriers to health and self-sufficiency and providing assistance in areas of employment, housing, and education. Basic needs provided include food, clothing, shower, laundry and transportation. Support services include help with employment, education, and independent living skills, rental assistance, health education, HIV testing, medical care, and mental health counseling. In addition to these services, Face to Face focuses on building trusting relationships with youth, providing the caring adult support that many youth lack, but which is so critical in their journey to adulthood.