The Nerdery - Overnight Website Challenge

Twin Cities 2015, May 2-3

Appetite For Change

Appetite For Change's mission is to use food as a tool for health, wealth and social change. Michelle Horovitz, whose family are Northside natives, envisioned Appetite For Change in 2011. In 2012 when Michelle met Co-Founders Latasha Powell and Princess Titus, long-time North Minneapolis residents and members of the African American community, together they created Community Cooks and co-founded Appetite For Change. Together, Michelle Latasha and Princess have built Appetite For Change with a commitment to being a community-based and community led organization that helps communities increase their capacity to build racial, economic and social equity through food. Appetite For Change (AFC) is dedicated to creating products and services that are shaped, implemented and evaluated by the community we serve. Appetite For Change moved its headquarters in June 2014 to 1200 West Broadway Avenue where we operate the Kindred Kitchen; a shared commissary kitchen incubating small food businesses. AFC is also building Breaking Bread Café (opening April 2015) next door to Kindred Kitchen that will serve “real-food” in a community-based environment while also training and employing North Minneapolis youth.

What new functionality we are looking for

Appetite For Change has 2 websites, soon to be three, and we need them to all connect together. All three sites are hosted in different places (long story) which is not ideal. The AFC site is hosted on Square Space, the Kindred Kitchen site was built and is hosted on Go Daddy (by previous business operator), and the Breaking Bread site is being built on Word Press. In a perfect world all three sites would be branded together and connected in some way so that people coming to those sites are aware that they are all connected. Profits from Kindred Kitchen and Breaking Bread all go back to support AFC's mission, so we want that to be clear. We would like these websites to function so that our staff can easily make changes to all three sites, and we can do the training in-house necessary to make those changes as new staff come on board. It would be great if our youth could be the ones to get trained.

Donations and T-Shirts or Other Products: AFC would like people to be able to purchase T-shirts, hoodies and other products on the website as well as donate to our cause. Currently we use Give MN which is alright, but the look and function of the widget isn't where we want it to be.

Workshops: We need to have a better calendar of events, and having a way for folks to rsvp for our Community Cooks workshops would not only help us plan, but also allow people to be reminded of the workshops they've signed up for.

See our Results: We would love to have infographics and easily to access reports on our impact in the community as well as our financial reports.

Interface with Kindred Kitchen: AFC recently took over Kindred Kitchen, a shared commissary kitchen, and we want our AFC main page to interact with the current Kindred Kitchen site. Ideally we want to have a better online scheduling system for Kindred Kitchen that could live on the website for our tenants to easily access. Right now we use Google calendar, and there are definite drawbacks to that system. It would be great also to have people be able to connect to tenant's websites directly from our Kindred Kitchen page. Currently we only have logos.

Connect with Breaking Bread Cafe: AFC also is opening Breaking Bread Cafe this spring, and although that will also have its own website (being developed now) we want that site to interface with the AFC home site and Kindred Kitchen. Ultimately we also want people to be able to place take-out and/or to-go orders online and eventually purchase their meal or value added products online.

Recipes: We need the AFC site to host all of our recipes and ideally links to other resources for recipes, gardening tips, food justice information, and more.

Resources: Current resource page is pretty sad. We'd like to beef this up and have links to all the resources we want the community to have access to.

Partners: Would be great to have all of our partners and funders with links to their organizations.

Photos: Our photo page is in great need of updating, and we want the photos to be organized in some fashion, either by program, event or some other way.

Forms: We have a simple drop down form on our website for people who are interested in subscribing to our news letter, volunteering, or hosting a work shop. It would be great to have a more detailed form with more information that we could better use for entering into our database for tracking constituents. We have wanted to created a graphic user interface at our workshops that would allow people to "sign-in" with at tablet or lap top and have their information go straight into our tracking system.

Social Media: Our site doesn't interact super well with our social media accounts. We'd love to have the website better able to drive people to Facebook, Twiiter, Instagram etc. and vice versa.

How the new functionality will help

A new website will take us leaps and bounds from where we currently are. We have done alright with our amateur website, but it is in great need of a face lift and better functionality. In the 21st century, and with our goal of engaging the community to lead this food justice movement, a functional and interactive virtual platform is key. By having a new website, we will better be able to build the capacity of our staff and the people we serve in North Minneapolis to use food as a tool for creating health, wealth and social change. Our message can get out to more people, more easily, and a new platform will allow us to better communicate with the people we serve. The interaction between the AFC, Kindred Kitchen and Breaking Bread site will not only serve the community, but will also take AFC to the next level by boosting our visibility and making us more attractive regionally and nationally to partners, funders and others who are doing similar work. Being selected for this project will allow us to streamline many of our administrative tasks, and help us to better serve the community.

How our organization will use the technology

Who will use the technology

44 Messages from Supporters

2015-03-27 09:56:08 UTC

This is a great organization that is already doing so much to help our community. Think how much more they could do with a stronger web presence!

2015-03-27 13:23:15 UTC

AFC is making major waves in the N Mpls community, and continues to thrive. I can think of no organization more deserving of a revamped website.

2015-02-11 21:51:01 UTC

I think if we had a better website, it would help us reach more people and save money. Often the community we serve wants recipes and we offer them in paper handouts but they ask for them again, they have even said, can I find them on your website? As well when we engage youth they are quick to like us on Facebook but then they are not linked to our website. It's almost like when we invite people to like us on Facebook or visit our website to view the calendar of events. People usually like us on Facebook, but they are missing out on so much more that would be found on our website. I don't know of a way that the two could complement each other but that would be great. It would also be helpful to have the form that is sent out to volunteers available on the website, it would help with streamlining our process to utilize volunteers. AFC works with so many organizations and we have partnered and collaborated, I would like to be able to celebrate those connections with allowing others to access what other organizations are doing that we have worked with. I believe that no one of us is more able than all of us and it will take a community effort to heal humanity. When it comes to purchasing products and signing up for events if that could be done on the website it would allow technology to aide us in serving the people who are reaching out to us. Also I like the option to add a testimony, it goes along with the model we used to start Appetite For Change, we asked 250 community members within 8 events what change were they hungry for, and their responses helped drive the vision and mission of our organization. So thank you for the opportunity for me to give my testimony.

2015-02-16 21:12:04 UTC

This program is growing at a rapid pace, and the web site just has not kept up. I'd like to see recipes used in the Community Cooks meals; I'd like to see notices of what will be available at the Farmer's Market on West Broadway this summer (grown by Appetite for Change gardeners); I'd like to see gardening tips; I'd like to see updates on the progress of Appetite's campaign to make our Cub Foods the best in the city; I'd like to see reminders of which corner stores in the community offer coupons for fresh produce on Fridays.

Appetite for Change has so many different programs, and so many ways to develop health, wealth, and social change through food -- it would be great if the web site could be a better tool for the community.

2015-02-18 00:00:24 UTC
Jennifer Tacheny

AFC programming and services are currently in a phase of rapid growth. This is a great testament to both the need of the programs and services and the quality product that AFC produces. It would be helpful if the website readily highlighted the various programs(existing and new) and clearly demonstrated that AFC is the home for the programs and that the profit from the new programs (Kindred Kitchens and Breaking Bread)go back to support AFC's mission. It would be important to brand the programs/sites in common and connect them seamlessly so that the website tells the story of how these various programs are connected.

2015-02-18 17:24:57 UTC

With the impact that this organization is poised to due with the additional offerings of Kindred Kitchen and Breaking Bread being able to virtually connect the dots and navigate between the sites is imperative to drive traffic and support for this cause. From a business perspective being able to have a seamless scheduling system within the site will allow Kindred Kitchen to have optimal utilization which will drive revenue for AFC. As a consumer of food, having the ability to order online and even schedule a pick up/delivery is a great convenience and not something that is widely offered in the surrounding area! Please help AFC receive this assistance!

2015-02-19 07:10:34 UTC

AFC needs to broaden its reach to take it to the next level. AFC is on the cusp of transforming not only its target area but all of Minnesota, and hopefully the upper midwest in general. With a proper website and the vertical integration that comes with it, AFC will be able to communicate with constituents near and far in a way previously thought to be implausible.

2015-02-19 21:56:29 UTC
De'Arreon Robinson

A well designed website that's interactive could keep a lot of people in the loop and coming back. It will really advance the work we do, and sharing videos that we create, to be on our website. I tried to edit the AFC website a little bit, but failed. Haha communication to everyone in our area, and possibly around the nation, we can really share the importance on why food is such a strong topic that needs to be touched on. Also links to different resources to learn more about the current global food system.

P.s. it wouldn't be embarrassing to share the site. Ha

2015-02-25 01:12:21 UTC
Amy Zaroff

In today's world, non-profits need advanced and up to date websites more than ever so as to stand out in the minds of its constituents and attract new ones. A site that allows for easy use, access to information and a way for the organization to spread its message would be a welcome addition to AFC.

2015-03-02 15:20:48 UTC

This organization is doing such great things on the Northside and really needs your help in pulling together their program offerings into a sleek, easy to maneuver website that shows the reader in a very clear and concise way, who they are and what they do.
Appetite for Change has grown so quickly due to their amazing team, but it's hard to keep everything up to date in a way that consistently is tied to their mission. The expertise of The Nerdery is so greatly needed from both the technical aspect of building a website but also in generating ideas that tie what they do together.
As someone who works with many non-profit organizations, I know of none other that is making the kind of strides and impact that Appetite for Change and its programs are!
Please do this for them! I promise you will be blown away by their passion and dedication!!!

2015-03-19 16:14:34 UTC

Appetite for Change is an organization with tremendous passion, purpose, and people. They have done incredible things so far and will undoubtedly continue making change in our communities for years to come. The Nerdery has the opportunity to be a part of their larger impact by helping make their digital user experience more functional and accessible. You don't want to miss out on working with this fantastic organization!

2015-03-19 23:24:26 UTC

Appetite for Change is helping lead one of the most important social justice movements in North Minneapolis. All people have the right to healthy, fresh, accessible food. AFC is helping make that a reality, and using innovative models and programs to get it done. An updated website and user experience will be key to their continued growth and impact on the Northside community.

2015-03-20 00:27:11 UTC

An organization's web presence must match its values and vision. AFC is creating dramatic change and can achieve its social justice mission by reaching the community more broadly. Its impact will be directly linked to its online presence with a site that can exemplify AFC's goals, achieve the proper functionality and reach the target audience. The Nerdery has the chance to be a part of something life-changing and community-building when it partners with Appetite for Change!

2015-03-20 01:04:32 UTC

I can't think of a better project for this website challenge. Appetite for Change is clearly a leader in helping families and community connect one healthy bite at a time. The opportunity to spread their mission through a coordinated platform is truly needed and well deserved for this group. Hooray to Princess, Michelle and Latasha for doing the heavy lifting all these years. With the opening of Breaking Bread Cafe in April, the interest and visibility for AFC's work will only multiply.

2015-03-20 13:20:38 UTC

Appetite for Change is making a difference in the community and is poised to make an even bigger difference in the near future. Developing a website that integrates all of their needs will allow them to successfully communicate their mission to viewers, attract support, connect with constituents, and continue to build the community. I encourage you to select this fantastic organization!

2015-03-20 15:43:44 UTC

In this day and age, your internet and social media presence has a huge effect on success. With an upgrade to Appetite for Change's website, the sky is the limit!

2015-03-20 18:52:03 UTC
Ariah Fine

Amazing organization! I thought I was a pretty healthy eater, but I'm much more aware of what I'm feeding myself and my children thanks to Appetite for Change!

2015-03-20 04:30:10 UTC

Your time will have incredible dividends if you invest in Appetite for Change! They have a knack for leveraging contributions into big outcomes and no doubt this would be born out again with a new integrated website. There are many great organizations out there, but everyone is hungry for what a great website for Appetite for Change could bring to the community!

2015-03-20 15:38:47 UTC

Appetite for Change does a lot in North Minneapolis, and it would be great to have a website that does a really good job of communicating all aspects of that. High quality professional graphic design, web design and communications strategy should not be a luxury only available to big organizations and companies. The Northside is a community that really values aesthetics, and Appetite for Change's users deserve the best experience possible.

Appetite for Change has a lot of big plans and this opportunity will make sure everyone knows about and can access the restaurant and programs.

2015-03-22 16:02:26 UTC

I believe that this would be a great opportunity if Appetite for Change was picked to win the challenge. AFC organization is amazing and bring so much value to our community one step at a time, by bringing awareness, solutions and taking time to engage teach and listen to the community. Everybody want a change and live a healthier life so why not start with change a Appetite For Change. This organization taught me so much, I find myself cooking more and being aware of what I put into my family bodies and they 30 minutes meals is fabulous.

2015-03-22 17:11:32 UTC

Just as the organization AFC is growing by leaps and bounds, so too must its website. It needs to be easy to maintain, timely in its content, and able to provide service information to its constituents. An upgrade to make it more user-friendly on both the management side as well as the user side is much needed!

2015-03-23 10:13:06 UTC
Art Berman

I recently joined the Board of Directors of Appetite for Change because I am inspired by its vision, leadership and potential for high community impact. Appetite for Change is a relatively new nonprofit that has exceptional assets and potential. It will serve a critical, unmet need in a community that desperately needs it. It also has visionary leadership, and is in the process of forming a high quality team and an extended support network. The pieces are aligning and will fall into place, but it will not be easy. One of those critical pieces is to have an integrated, high quality online presence. This has to happen, and receiving support for it would be a great benefit to AFC's continued growth.

2015-03-23 14:45:55 UTC
Matt Horovitz

AFC MN is a cutting edge community lead organization that is growing faster than fast and its online presence needs to match what the organization is doing in the kitchen, in the ground and in our hearts.

AFC MN needs help and expertise in the area of web development as our resources are focused on meeting community needs and growing future community leaders on day in and a day out basis.

Thank you for your consideration.

2015-03-26 05:00:58 UTC

AFC's is building a better food system in North Minneapolis and, in the process, is on the leading edge of the good food movement happening all over the country. In just a few short years AFC has rapidly transformed itself from a small nonprofit leading family-based cooking classes to a dynamic hub that includes garden and kitchen-based nutrition education, community organizing, activities to support local farmers and farmers markets, managing a commercial kitchen, opening the Breaking Bread Cafe, and more. It's critical to AFC's success that its website is streamlined, multi-functional, and can be easily managed/adapted as the organization grows. This is an excellent opportunity for AFC to bring its web presence in line with its community presence, and I could not think of a recipient more deserving of this support.

2015-03-26 22:58:55 UTC

Having the assistance and expertise to create a new and improved website would help AFC to not only use food but also use the internet as a tool to build health, wealth and social change! This will strengthen the foundation of a dynamic food system where community members can stay informed and engaged in the food issues that impact us all. The website could add another layer to our community & support network, raising awareness and strengthening bonds beyond North Minneapolis while keeping people informed about activities, events & pertinent issues at AFC and in the food community. It would also allow us another medium to hear the community's voice and receive input and feedback about what we do.

2015-03-27 13:28:40 UTC

Watching AFC grow has been a joy--and I know a more polished web presence would allow them to grow even faster. Businesses thrive so much more easily when they have a website that contains all the content their consumers need to know, and with the opening of the Cafe next month, I'd love to see a redesigned and friendly website that would allow them to get all the information their customers need to them easily. I cannot think of a more deserving organization than Appetite for Change!

2015-03-27 14:52:08 UTC

Appetite for Change has been doing thorough, thoughtful, community-based work having a real impact in North Minneapolis and catching attention nationally. Stellar organizations need stellar resources to continue to thrive. AFC is a worthy recipient of a website upgrade as an improved way to interface with non-local food systems organizers and local community members.

2015-04-02 16:49:03 UTC
Wendy K.

Appetite for Change serves so many UNDERserved segments of the Twin Cities population in so many creative ways.
A website that reflects the variety of offerings from education ro employment opportunities would serve AFC and the community well!
AFC could benefit from a website that's as creative and unique as AFC itself... one that is vibrant, informative, user friendly and captivating.

2015-04-09 03:49:52 UTC
Mario - Dinner Lab

AFC has been very instrumental in helping our operations get off the ground. Everyone we've met in the organization has been helpful and welcoming. Michelle and her team have given us a great home to work in and I wish them the best with their new venture. They can really use a website that can help showcase these achievements and more in the community.

2015-04-09 15:16:45 UTC
Sandral P.

Please choose AFC to receive your website site revamp. This company is growing, and needs an effective way to communicate and manage. The values and goals of the organization are grassroots, and benefit ALL people, socio-economically and in physical health and community well being.
This will benefit every community!! Build weak links to make the chain stong!

2015-04-09 16:41:09 UTC

This is a great organization doing some incredible and innovative work in the area of community engagement, education and food justice! Help 'em out and make their website ans incredible as their programming!

2015-04-09 04:04:06 UTC
Robyn Frank

AFC's web presence should match their incredible community presence. In order to really thrive, educate and meet the needs of so many prospective participants in this organization, AFC needs a highly functional and engaging website! AFC is a pioneer in community building and food education. Most importantly, they are creating an actual space and center in the community that informs its surroundings about food, community, leadership and even family. Help AFC be properly represented online! It's a must.

2015-04-09 06:48:52 UTC
Kristen Spargo

When organizations are growing as rapidly as AFC, it is hard to carve out time to invest in tools that will facilitate, further and fuel their growth. And they shouldn't - they need to concentrate on their programs, partnerships, enterprises, operations, fundraising and other mission-critical components of their work. Building websites is not the expertise of AFC. But it IS the expertise of the Nerdery. The organization needs you! And I imagine that you are undertaking pro bono projects so you can give back and make a big impact on the community. AFC would be a great organization to support as Michelle and her team are already accomplishing so much with what they have. It is often best to invest in a nonprofit partner that can take a giant leap forward with the expertise that you bring.

2015-04-09 15:34:44 UTC

Relevant online presence is critical to the success of any work in our current society. AFC has been instrumental in impacting the trajectory of food justice work in North Minneapolis. The staff and leadership deserve to have a website that is reflective of their critical work, and a platform to tell their own story.

2015-04-09 20:43:43 UTC

It will be nice if AFC win The challenge, for the simple fact that they got so much going on within the organization. It's not one main page that the I can or any of the community members can just go look on and find everything that they have to offer one page with the entire program events on will be great.

2015-04-09 20:38:09 UTC

Appetite For Change is growing very big now and i will like to be able to go to their page and find out about new event, sign up for events and also buy products from them off their web page. With the page now i can not do any of those things and i think that is something i should be able to do.

2015-04-09 20:55:34 UTC

If you pick Appetite for Change to be the winner, you will not be disappointed. AFC is a community everything they do is for the community they reach out and help support those that gave up hope. They are the current they do so much for the community and have so much going in that community members what to be part of it. so if their was a website that hold all of Appetite for Change news, events, and planting site that will be great.I'm always wanting to know what going on with AFC and when is up coming events.One place with everything will be great I vote for Appetite For Change because they are the change that my community need and the opening of Breaking Bread Cafe is what this community need.

2015-04-09 20:46:37 UTC

Appetite for change is a great organization and has done a great job in bringing the community together with healthy meals and conversations. When there would be events I regularly heard people asking for the recipes and where they could go to get them to make at home for their families. With the website it is a great way to just pull up on their cell phone, computers, etc. Also with the website Appetite for change could sell their t-shirts and put up photos of the people that choose to purchase them. I heard that they are opening up a new cafe called Breaking Bread Cafe and that is a reason for the website to put like an online menu and pictures of what the meals will look like. All this will make an extreme foundation to the program and help ours as long as the people at Appetite for Change!

2015-04-10 00:41:41 UTC
Peg Thomas

I create websites, I typically use WordPress so that my nonprofit clients can access them. I will tell you from my experience that Appetite for Change is complex enough to need a team.

AFC has three platforms, multiple audiences, a number of brand images, several awesome stories and hope to use their website to support their social media needs. They need a mind map, a direction and then a charge forward.

As a truck kitchen hub, they could easily be a part of the Twitter-Truck market (like Chef). Their focus to bring healthy eating to people living in their neighborhoods is awesome. However encouraging foodies and other hungry souls to come to the restaurant is huge. People don't often go to North Minneapolis for a bite to eat, even though they should. It is this inflow of people and dollars that will help subsidize the amazing work that AFC is doing to bring good to the neighborhood.

And look at the locals, the celebrities that are being drawn to this amazing project. The videos, the testimonials, this is waiting to be hatched!

In summary, this is a huge and very fun job which needs a creative and talented all night team of visionaries who will then roll up their sleeves and produce a focused multi-layer solution. It really can't happen in small pieces and phases.

Guaranteed, this project is going to result in more good will, and ultimately more social change than almost any other site you could collectively produce. Can't wait to see the results! Peg Thomas

2015-04-10 01:45:46 UTC

Dear nerds -

AFC needs you. My wife needs you. Heck, even I need you. Please listen. This organization was hatched in our apartment five years ago. It started with an idea; but it also started with a really rudimentary website. My wife spent hours on the idea and spent more hours on the website. She did a great job working on the idea and helped make it grow. The website has suffered. It's sad. Please help.

2015-04-10 01:46:21 UTC

Appetite for Change is taking on big projects to bring together groups and visions, streamlining them into one focused goal of allowing people and small business benefit themselves and their communities with food. They need websites that are connected, and flexible enough to handle the needs of the services offered from each outlet.

They are an awesome organization whose heart and soul lies with people. They would most certainly deserve to benefit from the Nerdery's super cool Overnight Website Challenge (seriously amazing idea, peeps!)

2015-04-10 12:18:26 UTC

I agree with all of the above. Communication is a tricky business, and a great website is a must.

2015-04-10 15:21:56 UTC
Nancy Jacobs President/Co-Founder Sundance Family Foundation

Appetite For Change is a visionary change-agent organization which works in community partnerships to change the health, wealth, and social change landscape of N. Minneapolis, while educating and providing community building leadership to the rest of society. AFC accomplishes their developing strategies through fun!, community-based/led food justice programs, in an area of the Twin Cities deserving of and in need of social change opportunites.
Founder Michelle Horovitz and her committed team are front-runner transformative innovators, sharing a unique approach to changing societal disparities. By providing a model for healthy food access, affordability and education, economic prosperity and community development will thrive. Entrepreneurial youth training and employment, a hallmark of Appetite's new Breaking Bread Cafe and Catering, provides economic and development opportunities for deserving youth.

The Center for Popular Democracy and Economic Policy Institue released a study showing that Minnesota's statewide unempolyment rate for Blacks is 11.7% compared to 3.2% for Whites. Another recent evidenced-based research study sites that the unemployment rate for African American males in N. Minneapolis is at a staggering rate of 40%.


Sundance Family Foundation has been a grant supporter to Appetite For Change for several years running. We believe in their energetically committed, lazer-focused, youth transforming, community supported, social change organization!

2015-04-10 21:29:07 UTC
Rowena Holmes

Appetite For Change has huge goals and aspirations! All of which can be accomplished. AFC wants quality, affordable food to become a mainstay in North Minneapolis, (NoMi). They want NoMi families to be able to eat delicious, wholesome food at a place that desires to bring the community together around a concept. That concept being that we have a renewed idea of what is good, sustainable, and nutritious food for our families.

AFC desires for families to embrace healthy eating together. They desire to reach out to the community using every branch of social media that they can. Having an easy to read, visually pleasing, bright, focused and to the point articulate website that connects all the various components of AFC's social media will increase their exposure and bring it to the forefront of food dynamics in North Minneapolis. AFC is one of a kind, and on the brink of establishing a new frontier that will bring folks from every socio-economic lifestyle in NoMi together, for the good of us all.

I hope that you will consider funding AFC, and joining it on the forefront of a food revolution. It is an idea whose time has come!

Thank You for your consideration!

Our Mission

Appetite For Change's mission is to use food as a tool for health, wealth and social change. We believe food is the common denominator that can bring families together, create healthier and wealthier communities while creating social change. Appetite For Change’s long-term vision is a local, equitable food system that supports the physical health and builds economic wealth among under-served neighborhoods in the Twin Cities. We also envision North Minneapolis being a place where food brings families and the community together to create social change, strengthen healthy relationships and motivate young people to succeed. Our direct services, coupled with policy, systems, and environmental change strategies and tactics, provide an outlet for community to organize, build power and create the change they are hungry for.