The Nerdery - Overnight Website Challenge

Twin Cities 2015, May 2-3

discpacitados abriendose caminos

discapacitados abriéndose caminos (d.a.c.) (“People with disabilities opening paths in life”) is a Community Parent Resource Center that has served Latino families of children with disabilities as the Community Parent resource Center for the Twin Cities for the past 19 years. discapacitados abriéndose caminos will provide Latino parents of children with disabilities, including low-income parents, parents of limited English proficient children, and parents with disabilities in the twin cities area with the information, training, and support to enable them to participate cooperatively and effectively in helping their children with disabilities to meet the developmental and functional goals, and challenging academic achievement standards that have been established for all children; and be prepared to lead productive, independent adult lives, to the maximum extent possible. discapacitados abriéndose caminos will provide the following services: Under this Federal funding we provide Information for parents on the nature of their child’s disability, age’s birth to 26 years of age, and their educational developmental and transitional needs. Training to help parents to understand their rights and responsibilities under IDEA and other related Federal and state laws; communicate effectively; and work collaboratively with early education, special education and related services personnel, participate effectively in assessment, IEP, IFSP, transition, behavioral and other team meetings. Information to help parents understand their options, programs, services, technologies, practices and interventions based on scientifically-based research, and resources available to them. Information to help parents understand procedural safeguards, including mediation, alternative dispute resolution, and due process. Parent support groups for families of children with disabilities, Youth and adults. We also provide every week training and information of resources and other programs in the community. We also provide the same level of services for Youth and adults with disabilities through other programs that we have at discapacitados abriéndose caminos. Therefore we give to our community also a website in Spanish ( English ( with information and resources for students, parents and individuals with disabilities, schools and other organizations. Our grassroots organization provide the service in a unique way and base of the needs of the targeted community and we will be “holding hands” until we fulfill their needs.

What new functionality we are looking for

I want a simple web site that families can navigate with out problems, were we can put information, activities, resources that will help the families. Easy to update within the authorize organization staff.

I want to use some of my old things like the small wheel chair to get to different information. A easy access through our web page to get to Facebook, Pay Pal, A monthly calendar for all activities' that we have monthly. a page that they can go and I have connections to other web site, programs and Gov.

How the new functionality will help

It will provide the opportunity to get more resources for the families, so they can be updated in the changes of the law related to disabilities , health issues and community resources. This is another way of proving to my community that we can still be connected and not isolated and thanks of technology that allows us to do so; This is some of what our mission says. "holding hand" and we will continue connecting with the community, but this time at distance and again through technology that for some of the families is new or they fill uncomfortable. But still will not let go the hand so they can become stronger, successful but not alone we are they every step of the way.

How our organization will use the technology

Who will use the technology

59 Messages from Supporters

2015-03-18 01:14:14 UTC

"it's a good place to be I like it and it helped me alot in my darkest times these people are amazing and it all comes from the heart"luv u d.a.c💕

2015-03-17 20:39:47 UTC
Wanda nazario

dac works with a lot family and a webside will be a great help for everybody. dac is always there to help me and other family who has kids with disability. Please considere dac to have a new webside. Thanks GBU!!!!

2015-03-13 16:00:00 UTC
Sandy S.

This organization is amazing the way they help the children. They know them personally and make a point of knowing their names and the entire family. They engage the family so that the child gets all of the care and benefits they are in need of.
I witnessed first hand the care, love and support that is shown to these families.

2015-03-13 16:53:38 UTC

What a great opportunity for an outstanding organization. Ana & Kevin are dedicated to the work of providing culturally competent services to Latinos with a child who has a disability. Having a website provides additional access to information for their clients and the community at large. Please consider this organization.

2015-03-13 18:43:18 UTC
Carolina V

The organization serves a great amount of people with a myriad difficulties. Ana and Kevin are amazing people with huge hearts and a large amount of knowledge. Their clients depend on them to be around and guide them through the difficulties of having a family member with a disability.

2015-03-13 16:02:20 UTC
Jerry Mellum

discapacitados abriéndose caminos (d.a.c.) is a wonderful organization. They are the only Spanish organization in Minnesota exclusively committed to serving people with disabilities! Their leaders Ana and Kevin Perez have a long term commitment and are well known in the community. They get things done!! Please consider them for the website. This will help them make an even stronger impact on the community.

2015-03-13 16:35:57 UTC
Stan W

This is a great organization that helps the kids and the entire surrounding community. I have never seen a group of more giving people in all my years that expect nothing in return!! If they had a web site at their fingertips they could be of better service to those who cant make it into their place. 95% of the population go to the internet for information and this is where D.A.C needs to be a strong presence!!!!!!!

2015-03-13 18:02:21 UTC
Luz Hernandez

dac has been around for over 20 years providing assistance to families of children with disabilities. Their mission is to assist children with disabilities accomplish their educational endeavors, but they do much more. They do everything from parent and youth trainings to assisting families fill out applications so they can get a job, get medical attention, living assistance and more. The website will help dac make the information more accessible to more families in both English and Spanish.

2015-03-13 16:43:42 UTC
Jan Serak

It is amazing what is accomplished every single day by d.a.c. under the leadership of Ana and Kevin Perez for Spanish-speaking families of children with disabilities in Minnesota. This is a small parent center that has been around many years and is located right in the heart of the Spanish-speaking community. d.a.c is THE agency from which so many families get training, information, and very individualized (and very caring) support. The resources and support groups that d.a.c. offers empower families to be better informed and more confident advocates for their children with disabilities.

The website is a critical tool that d.a.c. needs in order to reach Spanish-speaking families while maximizing the nonprofit agency's limited funds so they can serve as many families as possible. This opportunity will help d.a.c. get a cutting edge website in place and provide staff with the tools to do regular updates on their own website in order to reach families with the most current information.

I strongly support their application and hope they are chosen for this tremendous opportunity.

2015-03-13 16:54:18 UTC
Myriam Alizo

discapacitados abriéndose caminos (d.a.c.) provides direct support to Spanish speaking families that have children with special needs in the community. They help these families navigate the complicated special education system so families are better equipped to be involved in their children's education. When families are involved they have higher expectations, and their children have better outcomes. This website will allow families get the resources they need to assist their children in their education.

2015-03-13 20:23:35 UTC
Marisol Chiclana-Ayala

I am very proud and grateful for all of the hard work d.a.c. has done over the years, for individuals with disabilities and families in Minnesota. They play a key role in connecting families with organizations and services they need to survive and thrive. They have supported my family with information, resources and most of all with their presence to let me and my family know we can count on them any time we need them. The staff at d.a.c. is committed and dedicated to the work of helping families in any way they can. I am happy to say that because of d.a.c. my family is better off today than years ago when we did not know where to go to get help and assistance. Thank you d.a.c. for a job well done! Muchisimas gracias de parte de toda nuestra familia!

2015-03-13 22:09:38 UTC
Mary Liebelt Jensen

Anyone who will give their personal time to help others will be blessed by God, if not in this life it will be in the hereafter! Any child with a disability needs so much help and it must be even more so if they don't understand what ever is being said to them !

2015-03-13 23:50:29 UTC
Flor Hernandez

Hay q motivar a nuestros niños con discapacidades,son personitas q merecen todo nuestro respeto,por los esfuerzos q hacen.

2015-03-14 00:27:32 UTC
Flor Hernandez Eligió.

Gracias a la asociación discapacitados abriendo caminos. Hay q hacer conciencia y correr la voz q no hay q discriminar a nuestros pequeños con discapacidades diferentes,no hay q hacer discriminación al contrario hay q apoyarlos ,son personitas como tu y como yo,y dar gracias a esta asociación por brindar apoyos a nuestros pequeños,tanto moralmente,medicamento y brindarles educación y ayudarnos a nosotros como padres q hay q hacer conciencia en la manera del trato hacia ellos.

2015-03-14 03:00:57 UTC
Maria Limones

Gracias a Discapacitasos abriendose caminos,porque hemos recibido todo su apoyo, que nos an brindado y que aun nos siguen brindando,a toda la familiaa lo largo de estos 18 años siempre an estado ahi para ayudarnos y brindarnos sus servicios,el centro nos a dado mucho apoyo, ademas de entrenamientos y today clase de informacion,el centro de Discapacitados Abriendose caminosya forma parte de mi familia y asi como las demas familias,porque ahi en el centro hemos convivido con las familias asi como lloramos y reimos,asi que esto es solo un poquitito de todo lo que el centro me ha ayudado a mi y a mi familia, y que no pudiera explicar y escribir todo l o que me a ayudado en estos 18 años,y por su puesto esto no es nada, lo que en realidad es, basta con ver sus llamadas, sus calendarios llenos, y que decir sus emails, pero yo agradesco a Dios por ponerlos en nuestro camino y bendecirlos con los dones que tienen y ese corazon de ayudar a nuestra comunidad y a los niños y adultos con alguna discapacidad, para que en un futuro salgan adelante y sean tratados igual.

2015-03-14 04:02:38 UTC
Wendy Rojas

I am blessed to be a part of D.A.C Center it a very important place for many families in Mn.they guide us when we felt lost after knowing that our child was diagnosed with cancer we felt lost and they were there to give us many answers,helping with understanding medical issues ,and many new things that we were not aware of.disability can impact a childs life in many ways but to be blessed with people like the staff in D.A.C. Makes many things more understandable for families. I thank all the staff for being there always and I thank god to put angels in our path thank you D.A.C

2015-03-14 04:02:51 UTC
Judith Raskin

d.a.c. is truly a remarkable organization, made up of remarkable individuals. The staff go out of their way to bring services to families of children with disabilities when they need it -- making themselves available day or night. They work long hours for extremely little money; they are almost volunteering their time! Families have told me they don't know what they would do without d.a.c., and that d.a.c. has made the difference between their children failing and dropping out of school, and graduating and moving on to independence. d.a.c. provides information and support to both the family and the child or young adult with disabilities, making them feel they are the most important people in the world, and that they can accomplish anything.

d.a.c. does not have a website so that families can reach them via e-mail. Having a website that would tell the community about d.a.c. and allow d.a.c. to update information for families of children with disabilities, as well as individuals with disabilities. It would promote greater use of the Internet by Hispanics,and improve the computer literacy of Hispanic parents. It would also make d.a.c. much more productive.

d.a.c. needs this website, and so do the people they serve.

2015-03-14 13:08:54 UTC
Maria M.

Gracias DAC por todo tu apoyo.

2015-03-14 14:22:54 UTC
Kay Lipsitz

DAC provides outstanding services in their community. Please consider them for a website. A website will enable them to reach out with expanded culturally competent support and resources to parents, families, youth and individuals with disabilities in their region.

2015-03-14 21:45:32 UTC

Muy orgullosa de toda la ayuda que brindan
Muchas gracias

2015-03-14 21:46:35 UTC
Vanessa morith

Gracias a organizaciones como esta por todo su apoyo

2015-03-14 11:47:10 UTC
Linda Kjerland

For decades human service agencies have tried to make the shift from staff or system centered to family centered and culturally grounded in their values and practices. d.a.c. has done this from its inception. It began with listening , truly listening , seeing the whole picture and seeing it with respect for the gifts, struggles, and opportunities that lay ahead. Families feel cared about and feel the power of being validated, being more informed, and being part of a community sharing their hardships, victories and cultural values. d.a.c. weaves such a web of empowerment and support. They can tackle the complexities, serve as a host for federal focus groups and as a conduit for dissemination by the systems that are making complex changes in eligibility for system resources. A strong new website will help families exchange wisdom, questions, support and information 24/7. Indeed, this small but mighty organization turns every donated dime into better futures!

2015-03-14 13:05:33 UTC
Aysha P.

DAC is an amazing organization that helps support families. Ana and Kevin are selfless and sacrifice so much to help families in their communities. This website would be a wonderful blessing to an organization who does so much to help others, but has so little financial support.

2015-03-14 18:40:48 UTC
Gilma constanza

Yo me siento muy agradecida con Dios por permitirme haver encontrado una fundacion que nos brinda todo su apoyo en lo legal y moral al mismo tiempo que siempre que buscamos ahi estan creciendo junto a nosotros como padres porque ellos tienen la experiencia que nosotros no pero lo mejor es que sigen luchando por nuestros hijos yo lea agradesco que apoyen ala fundacion porque Asi ayudan a tantas familias como la mia que carece de informacion y apoyo que solo dsl nos puede brindar ;) Dios los vendiga

2015-03-14 23:25:28 UTC
Vanessa morith

Me pares muy importante que tengan una página web ya que mucha gente no está informada de estas organizaciones y la ayuda que pueden obtener y seria más fácil poder ayudar más gente

2015-03-15 15:08:53 UTC
Ginny Halloran

I personally know some of the individuals who spend their time helping this organization.
If it wasn't a well deserving organization they would not be involved. They believe a website revamp is in order so I am writing to send my support to help make that happen.

2015-03-15 17:08:49 UTC

Please consider d.a.c. for a website. They have very few staff and they need to work with the families, therefore they need help with a website.

2015-03-15 17:12:25 UTC
Kenton S.

d.a.c is a very worthy organization. They provide many uplifting services to the Latino community. d.a.c. provides critical support to families both adults and children which has helped these citizens immensely. Assisting d.a.c. with the creation of a new website is a very good investment in people.

2015-03-15 21:37:05 UTC
Willmary Pantojas

I feel very proud to have been part of that organization. We greatly appreciate the organization dac for helping me and giving me the opportunity to volunteer offering help to the family. Much Success.

2015-03-16 01:53:56 UTC
Jean Mendenhall

Skip to the last paragraph for the short version. :-D

Whether face to face, hand to hand, or ear to phone, communication with d.a.c. has always been heart to heart and this, I would argue, accounts for their noteworthy success. As a small grass-roots organization reaching out to a marginalized and underrepresented demographic, d.a.c. has fostered a robust community of participants, established a reputation of incisive and persistent advocacy, and enhanced the cultural awareness and sensitivity of health, education and social service organizations through consultation and training activities. Through all of their work, person to person communication has been d.a.c.’s trademark and modus operandi.

Until now, d.a.c.’s website has been a meaningful, albeit limited, extension of that communication. It has provided a way to share information and inspiration electronically. It was the first website I came upon that used Spanish as the first language and translated content into English. Early on it had a feature linking parents to educational and fun websites for Spanish-speaking children. And it served a fundraising function by inviting viewers to send contributions through the mail. Its limitations came from very limited funds for either design or maintenance which lead, in turn, to frequent transitions between volunteers who each added their own best efforts while not always knowing how to build upon the groundwork that had been laid before. And for users, who came to the website having a variety of needs or goals in mind, the experience, once in awhile, may have been one of disappointment in not being able to access or navigate the site itself or discovering that the information they sought was missing or out of date.

Bottom line? A new website for d.a.c. will enhance their ability to inform constituents of events and activities and will extend their reach in public awareness, educational and fundraising efforts – all while maintaining that heart-to-heart openness and accessibility that so reflects who they are.
Please contact me if I can offer further support on behalf of d.a.c.:

2015-03-16 15:22:54 UTC
Wanda N.

Please, pleases, please,!!!!,!, chose dac !!!! We need this web side so bad!!! There is alot of people out there that they dont know about dac. We need to let people know that they can get all the help and support from dac. Especially for people who doesnt speak inglish like me. I thank God for be part of this amasing center. Ana and kevin are two angels and work so hard to help all people with disabillity. Hope we win!!!!!!

2015-03-16 16:26:07 UTC
Mary L

This organization works so hard to support families in and around the community. Please support their efforts to develop this website to more effectively serve current families and reach new families!!

2015-03-16 17:31:53 UTC
Evelyn M

Please consider and help support the D.A.C. with a website that parents can navigate through for updated services so that parents with children with disabilities can communicate with each other. Raising awareness to other Latino families to seek assistance from this organization would be of great benefit to those who need it as well. When you have an organization whom is dedicated to their mission statement as viewed from comments above deserves to win this challenge.

It would be very beneficial in numerous ways for this nonprofit organization to have a new web site!

2015-03-17 18:55:56 UTC

Agradesco mucho a discapacitados por suapoyo q nos brindan es unagran organisation gracias portodo suapoyo.

2015-03-18 01:13:08 UTC
Cynthia L

Please help D.A.C with this Web page, this agency is a blessing for the community of families and people living with many different disabilities. This family has never let a family down always doing above and beyond what is required and needed. Please help to bless them with this special way of communication that will help tons.

2015-03-18 06:22:41 UTC
Karla M.

dac has been a blessing for my family... About twenty years ago my brother was born with a disability and a few months after his birth our family had to move to the twin cities due to some health problems he experienced. We didn't know much about his disability and didn't have much resources. I don't know how we were referred to them, but I know since then they impacted our family in a way no other agency or organization has; they have always been supportive, encouraging and resourceful. They go above and beyond to make sure families get all the help possible. I think that with all the technology advancement a functional and user friendly website could benefit dac and many families. I think dac needs and has earned it for all of what they do for our families.

2015-03-18 03:00:27 UTC
Nelis Morfin

Dac is a great support for families with children with special needs. It would be wonderful if they can get a website which would make easier for more families to access to more information. Many more children will be able to benefit from this unique program that makes these families lives a lot more easier, because is not just about helping them get health insurance coverage, finding jobs but they make you feel like a big family. Having their website will help them to provide a lot more to those who sometimes can't drive all the time just to get all the information they need to become part of the Dac family. Ana and Kevin are amazing people who have very few staff and they do and had been doing so much for their community and families for years, but they can only do so much,please choose us, you will be giving this big family called Dac one of the best gifts.

2015-03-18 04:35:58 UTC

Please consider D.A.C this organization is amazing and they do amazing things. They provide support to families who are in dire need. This organization is a lifeline for people.

2015-03-19 12:59:38 UTC
Maita Maggi

Please support this amazing organization that is working for 18 years or more with Latino families with special need children in unique ways. They need your expertise to keep serving our community. Thanks in advance.

2015-03-20 00:03:07 UTC
Judy g

Alot of latin families with children with disabilities dont know about organizations like dac. With a new improved web site this would help the children, which is the heart of dac. It would be good for the community because there is other parents that understand what they are going through. The new web site would benefit networking capabilities.

2015-03-20 00:06:25 UTC
Casilda m

Dac has workshops and meetings that discuss educational information about health and wellness. Please choose dac for a new web site.

2015-03-23 17:46:35 UTC

Hola mi nombre es María d Hernández y sería de gran ayuda tener encuentra a discapacitados abriendo se caminos( dac) porque nos ayudan a todos los latinos sin importar la discapacidad que tengas ellos siempre te alludan a encontrar o a buscar la ayuda necesaria para tu discapacidad a mi en lo general me ayudaron a encontrar un buen cirugano del corazon para mi hijo bueno espero y consideren esta organización gracias.

2015-03-23 23:44:22 UTC
Fabiola Carmona

Una página bilingüe seria de mucha ayuda para todas las personas que necesitamos de D.A.C, para nosotros seria una herramienta de fácil acceso para con ellos, de la cual obtendríamos información de los recursos y ayudas que ellos brindan a cualquier comunidad.
Podríamos comunicarnos con ellos de manera más rápida, obtendríamos mas información de lo que son las l"discapacidades", incluso por este medio se pueden romper los "tabúes" que existen en algunas personas o familiares respecto a las personas con "diferentes discapacidades" al brindar información completa en la página de internet.

D.A.C es una organización que no lucra con la ayuda que recibe para brindar a la comunidad, son personas muy capacitadas, dispuestas a brindar sus conocimientos convirtiéndolos en ayuda no solo para nuestros angelitos, sino también para las familias, están dispuestos a luchar mano a mano con uno ante cualquier adversidad.
D.A.C desde un principio eligió caminar junto a nosotros ( la comunidad ), por eso ha llegado lejos.
Para mi son parte de mi familia, porque una familia no te deja solo en momentos de felicidad y adversidad.

2015-03-25 02:49:18 UTC
Tránsito Martinez

discapacitados abriéndose caminos ha sido para mi una institución que nos a ayudado muchísimo emocionalmente en todos los sentidos con la discapacidad de mi hijo cuando él nació No sabíamos a donde ir ,que hacer ni a quién acudir sobre todo por nuestro idioma al encontrar este lugar fue como encontrar una luz al final de un túnel donde nos iluminaron un camino a seguir por eso estos 20 años han sido para mi y mi hijo de mucha esperanza y siempre están allí para escucharnos y encontrar salidas a nuestras preocupaciones y nesecidades de nuestros niños discapacitados en este lugar encontramos calor humano,comprensión,orientación todo lo que necesitamos cuando tenemos un hijo con discapacidad .

2015-03-25 02:39:09 UTC
Porfirio Martinez

En moments dificiles una mano amiga te cambia la vida. A Los pocos meses del nacímiento de mi hijo Guillermo me encontré con Ana y Kevin . Con ellos encontré no una mano sino muchas en el entonces naciente d.a.c., el grupo de apoyo para familias con algún miembro con discapacidad. Desde entonces no nos hemos sentido solos en este difícil caminar con mi hijo con síndrome de down. Hemos compartido experiencias, hemos aprendido mucho, hemos llorado juntos, hemos reído , hemos aprendido a crecer en amor y solidaridad . Juntos hemos luchado para que el grupo se mantenga vivo, aun con grandes limitaciones económicas . Cualquier apoyo moral o material será para nosotros una bendición , oxígeno y vida para nuestros niños y para nuestras familias .

2015-03-29 18:42:19 UTC
Devin Bliayang

Its nice to see the little guy fight for the community. It Be nice to see them get more recunation for what they do and i believe this will be a great benefit for them.

2015-03-29 20:23:47 UTC
Derek g

dac has been a blessing for my family... About twenty years ago my brother was born with a disability and a few months after his birth our family had to move to the twin cities due to some health problems he experienced. We didn't know much about his disability and didn't have much resources. I don't know how we were referred to them, but I know since then they impacted our family in a way no other agency or organization has; they have always been supportive, encouraging and resourceful. They go above and beyond to make sure families get all the help possible. I think that with all the technology advancement a functional and user friendly website could benefit dac and many families. I think dac needs and has earned it for all of what they do for our families.

2015-03-29 20:02:14 UTC

This is a great organization that is already doing so much to help our kids with disability. Think how much more they could do with a stronger web presence!

2015-03-30 03:55:08 UTC

Great people! I've seen them help so many people. They deserve a chance to be recognized.

2015-03-30 13:27:44 UTC
Scott Schultz

This group that has been serving the South St.Paul area families for more than 20 years needs your help. They have been existing on a narrow thread and have helped literally hundreds of families with special needs get support from the appropriate government agencies and local care systems.. The Foundation directors have sacrificed almost everything to continue to see this program grow.
It's an amazing group and they need any help that they can get to continue this wonderful work.
Thank you.

2015-03-30 04:49:32 UTC
Juan Bustamante

This is a great organization that is already doing so much to help our children with disabilities. Think how much Latin American families with children with disabilities, dont know about organizations like d.a.c. With a new improved website, it will help the children, which are the heart of d.a.c. It would be good for the communities in Minnesota. The new website would benefit them, by helping them find new families that need help with their children .

2015-03-30 14:53:25 UTC

D.A.C is a wonderful agency with a great mission. They are extremely deserving of this opportunity!

2015-03-30 18:15:24 UTC

D.A.C. Has always been a help to my family. Especially Kevin and Ana. They've always been there when help is needed. Kevin and Ana work hard everyday, to come to work ready to work and always help to the best of their ability . A website would surely help them. Thank You .

2015-03-30 18:16:36 UTC
Rosa Garcia

D.A.C es un programa que se merece tener el website ya que seria muy until y ayudaria a facilitar la ayuda a nuestra comunidad Latina.Yo en lo personal estoy agradecida con D.A.C porque me han ayudado a poder encontrar maneras de entender las discapacidades de mis hijos y como ayudarlos.

2015-03-30 18:43:38 UTC

A website would be the final touch to this organization! This is a great organization focused on children with disabilities - run by Ana & Kevin. These two spend their life and energy into this organization and I believe that the website would help spread the word of what they do, create another resource for parents, and generate more funding for this well deserving organization.

2015-03-31 02:50:15 UTC
Sayry P

D.a.c una organisacion de bendicion no solo se dedica a ayudar a los niños descapacitados si no que es una gran bendicion para toda la familia siempre dan lo mejor acambio de nada. Eyos se dedican a pelear por los derechos de los niños .pienso que una pajina en internet seria lo ideal para que muchos padres de familia resiban mas informacion sobre d.a.c ya que mucha jente no conose esta gran bendicion para sus hijos y no reciben el tratamiento que se meresen . Estos angeles como les llama mi hija siempre dan lo mejor gracias d.a.c

2015-03-31 03:05:09 UTC

d.a.c muy especial para mi y mis hijos estoy agradecida de encontrar un lugar como es dac, hemos encontrado,respeto,confidencialidad,informacion,cariño,amabilidad,un hombro donde llorar,alegria,comprencion, fortaleza para seguir adelante,ayuda,apoyo y personas como yo.
Y en nuestra comunidad nesesita asi como yo que hay en dac para ayudarme a comprender las discapacidades para poder ayudar a nuestro ser querido y a otras personas que estan a nuestro alrededor!Es una bendicion!

2015-03-31 04:19:45 UTC
Lupita Lopez

En nuestro caminar por la vida nos encontramos con frecuencia con personas que sin ningun fin y sin esperar nada a cambio nos tienden la mano, en mi caso yo he encontrado en Ana y Kevin apoyo no solo profesional sino tambien moral en ellos y todos los que participamos de D.A.C. somos una familia que lucha por los que estan mas bulnerables y nececitan de nosotros. Tener una pagina en la cual se pueda beneficiar a mas gente que como yo tienen nios co desabilidades sera de gran ayuda y bendicion, gracias por hacer eso posible.

In hour daily life frequently we get to know people that without any interest or regardless if we can or not pay them back they open their hands to help you the best as they can. Ana and Kevin did it for me they help me professionaly and by counseling, all the people that participate at D. A. C. we ara a very big family that help each other the best as we can. Having a website were can many people know this wonderful place were they can find a way to help their loving ones best it will be a blessing for every one thaks.

2015-04-06 20:19:55 UTC

Pienso que sería de gran apoyo para la organización de Discapacitados abriéndose caminos el contar con un sitio web profesional para tener mucho mejor acceso hacía la comunidad que tanto necesita de su apoyo y orientación, es una gran herramienta que facilitaría mucho más el tener acceso a sus múltiples servicios por parte de la comunidad. Es una gran labor social y comunitaria la que ellos realizan por el bienestar de nuestros niños con necesidades especiales y significan un gran cambio y una mejor calidad de vida para nuestros niños, el futuro de nuestra comunidad... gracias por su atención...


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discapacitados abriendose caminos holds the hand of the Latino/ Hispanic Family with a child/adult or family member with disability so they can learn about the disability, their rights and how to navigate throughout the social, educational and health system.