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Child Reach Uganda

Child Reach Uganda was formed in 2008 as a way to teach 5th graders at Dayton Elementary School, Dayton Minnesota, that acts of kindness can truly make a difference in the lives of others. Life long connections have been built between Dayton 5th graders and Primary 5 fifth graders a half a world away in poverty stricken Uganda. The needs in Uganda are for the basics in life. Here in the United States those basic needs are taken for granted. The 5th grade students learned one way to get out of poverty is to have a good education. Fundraisers have been held to help pay tuition of students of a school in Nagabita Village, Uganda. The purpose of forming Child Reach Uganda is to offer humanitarian aid and services to impoverished children and women in the country of Uganda, Africa.

Currently we are operating two nursery schools, one is in the town of Lumino, space being donated by the catholic church, for the 45, infant to five year olds. The second nursery school is in the village of Mbiwer, here the village's people built a hut for the classes to be held, there are 27, infant to five year olds in Mbiwer. We serve the children breakfast and pay the wages for the teachers ($15.00 US/month. There is no tuition charge.

To empower the women provide for them educational classes. Classes are provided free of charge, we teach reading, writing, family planning, tailoring, small engine repair, HIV-Aids prevention and soon welding. We pay day wages to the instructors to teach the classes.

Uniforms and school supplies are provided for orphans and impoverished children to attend classes, this is done for over 125 children.

Medicines can be expensive, we offer free and reduced medicines. Our two nurses who administer the meds are paid a wage of $45.00/month. Prescription medicines and other over-the-counter drugs are given out by nurses, a writen prescription is not needed in Uganda.

CRU provided the connection and transportation for 67 people (from 1½ year olds to 68 year old) to be fitted with hearing aids by Starkey Technology, a Minnesota company.

Classes for the newly hearing people are held twice a week by our instructor. They are learning proper care of the hearing aids, are having discussions on how their lives have changed and getting better employment now that they can hear.

Operating revenues are generated through donations and fundraisers. Office rental is $125.00US/month. We employ a director, he is Uganda and knows the needs of the area. He is paid $100US/month to oversee all of the Ugandan operations, staff and volunteers.

What new functionality we are looking for


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If people need to find information, they are most likely turning to the internet to find what they need.

A website would give us a permanent identity, we would be able to reach more people who are interested in our cause and keep them informed of our many ongoing projects.

Our printing costs and distribution costs would be less, our marketing is our website, which can be changed or updated anytime at a cheaper and faster rate than printed material.

Our reach is not limited by just work of mouth and our brochures, it would be World Wide instantly!

Child Reach Uganda would have a professional and more credible image having a website.

How our organization will use the technology

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20 Messages from Supporters

2015-03-29 08:21:07 UTC

Am a beneficiary from Child Reach Uganda. Am in Senior Two at Lumino High School, and Child Reach Uganda has been paying my school fees since my primary four, plus all the school dues meals inclusive. Am in support that you give them assistance and they grow bigger to reach many of us who are needy.

2015-03-28 03:25:58 UTC

A website would help communicate the need to support the children in Uganda by helping to raising money for wells, schools and other basic needs such as health care.

2015-03-28 05:42:17 UTC

As one of the first students to have gone through the Child Reach Uganda program at Dayton, Elementary, I can tell you from first hand experience what an amazing, eye opening, life changing non-profit organization this is. In learning how to show kindness, and learning about the overwhelming need of the of people of Uganda, not only has my life changed, but the lives of hundreds of children and adults in Uganda have been drastically changed as well. These people have been given a hand up, full of love, to make a better life for themselves, all because of the work of Child Reach Uganda. Having a website would help them to extend that love and compassion to reach hundreds of more people. Thank you for your consideration in helping Child Reach Uganda, help so many people.

2015-03-28 18:03:27 UTC

Child Reach Uganda is a fabulous organization, that is helping students see beyond themselves & providing them opportunity to reach to the poor in Uganda. I was able to teach sewing in a village in Uganda 11 years ago, so some AIDS widows could make uniforms for school children. Thanks to CRU & Dayton Elementary school, a school has been developed in that village, they helped get them a well, for safe water & other things. Diane Kroska has done a great job of getting our school children to want to share with children that have little & welcome a chance to learn. We are hoping that CRU can get a web site, so that their cause can be known by more people. Many people doing a little, can help many people who have little, get a chance to learn & make a living.

2015-03-28 01:00:39 UTC

A website would help child reach uganda in fund raising. this would help cru help more people. it is difficult if not impossible for the people of uganda to give testimonials due to no computers and the lack of dependable electricity. the work of cru has helped with education, vocational training,teaming with starkey hearing to supply hearing aids and other medicai issues. a website would help so many people.

2015-03-28 05:21:13 UTC
Sharon Bogle

I have been on ground-zero here in Uganda for 2 years and have seen the poverty and needs of the people, especially the women and children. CRU's effort to provide education, clean water and affordable medical care is changing the future for individuals, families and life at a time. The leadership members are sacrificial, trustworthy and determined to make their dollars stretch as far as possible. A website for CRU would expand their ability to fund raise, thereby expanding their ability to change lives. It would also lend credibility in an age when "if you don't have a website, you must not be real". I assure you that they are real, the people being impacted are real, and that they REALLY need a website! Thank you for consideration.

2015-03-28 23:45:03 UTC

The work Child Reach Uganda has done thus far is amazing. The money they raise goes directly and quickly to those in need to provide clean water, medicine, school books, and so much more. A website would help spread the work and further their cause. Please choose Child Reach Uganda!

2015-03-29 01:04:25 UTC
S. Freeburg

Thank you for considering Child Reach Uganda! This pocket of our world is struggling just to receive the basics--food, clean, accessible water, medicine, medical/health care, education--even adequate shelter. Through intensive efforts of a few,this is starting to happen. Please, please help us to become "viable" by way of our own website so we can share the needs more personally (each person has a unique and very real story) with others in our world who may be in a position to assist us on a variety of levels. A website would greatly expand our ability to offer up what is needed and necessary for these beautiful and worthy people to thrive and grow! Thank you!

2015-03-29 08:13:22 UTC

Am 26 years old,Child Reach Uganda took Me to Kampala Serena Hotel on 13th January this year and got my hearing Aid kit. I have been deaf since I was born but, Child Reach Uganda gave me hope on this world. Am finally hearing. Thanks to them and it is my humble appeal that you promote them such that they can reach many of us in various parts of the country. They have also employed a teacher who is training us in class at a free cost and feeding us.
Promote Child Reach Uganda, they employed asocial, smiling and helpful Director in Uganda

2015-03-29 08:05:42 UTC

Am the Child Reach Uganda Director in Uganda, and for sure all the truth have been written about Child Reach Uganda. All the activities stated in there have been in existence and still continuing to many beneficiaries and giving positive results in every part. Child Reach Uganda has played appositive role towards Education both to adults and the young. Many people have been trained in hair dressing courses, motor cycle repair, Many deaf people got hearing aid kits from star key hearing Aid, Got Saloon start up kits after training, Nursery schools set up, Pen pal letter writing program running between Dayton students and Nagabita students, Many mosquito nets(2500) given out so far in the last two years to the communities of Nagabita, Budimo,Majanji, Lumino and Buwerero, Clean safe water sources(boreholes) have been provided to Gulu, Budimo and Nagabita, Still paying School fees for many needy children,Family sponsorship program is also running, The deaf people are being trained in various skills including carpentry.A bove all is the free medication they provide to our needy people hence reducing on the death rate
All the above being provided by Child Reach Uganda with the helps of Dayton students and other donors and Heavy thanks goes to them. All beneficiaries receive the above benefits at a free cost
To my view, this Non Profit shown its commitment to reach the vulnerable and needy people both young and old with no segregation, hence an appeal to you that you help them to grow further by awarding them with a website.

2015-03-29 17:13:02 UTC
Ann Faulds

I have been blessed to have my four children participate in the Uganda Project at Dayton Elementary School under the guidance, vision, energy and love of Diane Kroska. No more valuable lessons were taught to my children than those they learned through seeing what CRU is working so hard to do in Uganda. Diane's students have helped build wells, primary schools, and pharmacies, pay tuition for kids to go to school, educate women to help them provide for their own families and so much more. Most of this has been done by 5th grade students holding coin drives and craft fairs to raise money. Through this they have learned that they CAN make a significant difference to those with needs. What more could be done if Diane could get a website up and running is amazing to think about. The work done by CRU is truly life altering for the people in Uganda. This work can be done with what we, in the US, would consider to be so little and this website could help make that happen. Please consider supporting Child Reach Uganda and let us see how many lives can be changed.

2015-03-29 18:37:29 UTC

Child Reach Uganda has improved the lives of many needy Ugandans more so in the communities of Budimo, Nagabita and the neighboring areas.
I was employed by Child Reach Uganda in 2009 to train needy women in Embroidery card Making and making of table clothes. So far, we have a total of 215 women passed out after completion and many are doing well in their families since the majority are widows. Child Reach Uganda Management provides every material needed plus my wage on a monthly basis. They have so far shown commitment, faithfulness,signs of growth and maturity in whatever they do. Thanks to Diana who is in charge of getting donors to fund the projects.

For any chance please give them a boost such that they can reach out to many as their long term plan reads

2015-03-30 19:20:28 UTC

Child Reach Uganda has done so much since it was established. A web site would allow for even more good for such a worthy cause. Education is the key to one's success in life. The Dayton students know this and want to help. Child Reach Uganda...started by a teacher, 5th grade students in a small community. A web site would make this a world community. Please HELP!

2015-03-31 02:31:41 UTC

Child Reach Uganda is an amazing nonprofit organization. Given a website, this organization could be shared with the world. Support from around the world could make an incredible impact on the people of Uganda. The possibilities are endless. This would allow more people to make a difference in the life of others and help make the world a more compassionate place.

2015-03-30 19:19:21 UTC

Am employed by Child Reach Uganda as afield officer in Busia, Uganda office. Child Reach Uganda Directors are very committed, faithful and hard working. We are on the ground operating on the following programs;
Formed Nursery schools open for any needy children, Tailoring class, Hair dressing class, Family sponsorships, pen pal program, Training of widows on embroidery card making, Table clothes making, Paper Necklace making, School fees payment, Deaf class etc.
It is my humble request that you award Child Reach Uganda with a website.

2015-03-31 09:19:05 UTC

Am employed by the Government of Uganda as A community Development Officer supervising the Sub-Counties of Lumino and Majanji in Busia District.
For the period I have supervised and monitored the activities being carried out by Child Reach Uganda, many achievements and much progress has been registered to our poor communities. We wish they get assisted in getting a website for much more assistance. Without This Organization, no any other had endeavored to help the deaf community in acquiring the hearing aids and studying. So a big credit was given to them

2015-03-31 16:44:27 UTC

Diane Kroska has so much passion for Child Reach Uganda. I've seen tears in her eyes when she talks about her "sons" that are in Uganda. I've seen joy when a few hundred dollars come in from fundraising. I've seen sadness when times don't turn out like she wanted. I've seen all the emotions that run when working so passionately for something you truly believe in. Diane Kroska is that person. She has so much love for the people of Uganda. She has so much passion for the people of Uganda. If she had a website up and running where she could post photos, tell stories, and what ever else, it would be the greatest joy to her. It would widen her out reach and she could do so much more. Please consider Child Reach Uganda and Diane. <3

2015-03-31 22:20:16 UTC
J. Iserman, Principal, Dayton Elementary

Child Reach Uganda is doing "real" work, impacting numerous lives in significant ways, particularly in the areas of education and basic health needs. CRU connections with Ugandans are actual relationships maintained over time; they can be trusted and offer the most efficient and effective use of donated funds. For this "real" work to continue, fundraising needs to be expanded to a reputable and professional website. Please support CRU with this service. It would be an amazing opportunity for all involved.

2015-04-01 03:29:03 UTC

Child Reach Uganda is a non-profit organization that has blessed the lives of many people. Those that receive as well as those that give. What wonderful life lessons the 5th grade students at Dayton elementary are learning and how wonderful for the children of Uganda to know what it's like to have food, water, needed medicine and an education. A professional website is needed to further this cause. Wouldn't it be exciting for the students at Dayton to see their hard work, dedication and compassion for the children of Uganda taken to the next level through a website. Your consideration is genuinely appreciated.

2015-04-06 21:06:31 UTC
Alyssa Nissen, Teacher at Dayton Elementary

Child Reach Uganda is a wonderful program that not only provides invaluable services to the people of Uganda, but also helps our students at Dayton to think beyond themselves and make a real difference in the world.


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Our Mission

Child Reach Uganda is registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) in the country of Uganda. It's co-ordinating office is located in Lumino Town, Lumino sub-county, in the Busia District of Uganda, East Africa. Child Reach Uganda empowers communities and families to provide for children holistic development. A self reliant community able to respect, fulfill, protect children's rights and meet their needs. Children are the center of everything we do, Accountability and Stewardship, Partnerships and Continuous Learning.